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“If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.”

-Tennessee Williams


Fashion Statement!!!!!

Gold 2 chain headpiece

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Love Might Still Stand a Chance People

Things happen all the time that you can’t explain and this I cant explain Lol. I saw him and on my Birthday we danced from then we kept in contact and we went on a date that I wasn’t prepared for At All!!! We had a great time and we have so much in common. Our conversations went on on about Art, music, trips, movies, laughter etc…. Honestly he caught me by surprise cause it’s so easy to speak to him. I’m almost scared to go on with this whole thing but I would be a fool to stop also Lol. Being hurt in the past can really make giving another person a chance hard, But I wont let it get in the way of this thing I’ve got going on right now NO Way! It feels so right that I can’t wait for out next date just looking forward to whats to come that’s how good it went. 🙂

“Welcome to my open diary” I think this journey is worth documenting!

Question???? Please HELP!!!

I need to know how I can add other tabs to my blog so far I only have ( HOME, ABOUT….)  Where do I go and what do I do I’m totally Lost Please HELP ME anyone everyone.

Thank You

Being A Woman Is Hard

Today I had an interview way downtown and I had to take the train for over an hour. The bad part is I had a UTI and women you know how uncomfortable that is UGH!!! I thought I had it under control but I felt so miserable and aggravated. So I survived the walk to the train station and right before the train arrived I had to use the bathroom (O_0)  of course I couldn’t board the train under those conditions. I hurried back home and felt a little relief and I’m feeling sooo much better now. Thank god I could go to the interview on Fridays. What a day!!!

“Being A Lady Aint Easy”-cfm