The Uncharted Mysterious “Edgewater Park”

A friend of mine and I we’re driving around last night looking for an address that we couldn’t find so we’re just going around in circle and circles until we stumbled upon a little community near the water called “Edgewater Park”. As soon as we started to drive into the blocks we knew it was not like any of the blocks we just came from and it was kind of scary. It was so many tiny houses and cats everywhere and the streets was so small only one car could fit at a time and it was a VERY tight squeeze. We got lost in there for like 25 mins until we turned on the navigation but that still didn’t work cause it kept taking us in circles, finally we just took a road we didn’t try yet and found our way out WHEW!!!!! It was such a relief it really felt like the twilight zone, I honestly thought we would get stuck there with no way out and in my head I already planned and escape route by foot LOL but we made it Thank God

SO I Google the little water front community and I found this map so you can get an idea of the tiny mysterious maze looks like.