Upside Down Inside Out (mommy post)

So you have a baby and you didn’t expect your life to do a complete 360 degree turn did you? Well me either! First of all I didn’t like being pregnant at all but more power to the ladies that do, I just felt like a completely diffident person.  Anyway so you think your going to have this little cute bundle of joy and the baby will laugh, sleep and play. Ooooooh no it was more like I need sleep, I look like a zombie, I never care about me anymore. Don’t get me wrong babies are a blessing and they are one of the greatest gifts but it’s so not easy. Trying to balance a normal life and be a good and organized mom is one of the hardest jobs in THE WORLD trust me and if you’re a mom you can relate. Just face it and realize that your life will never be the same again. Somethings will change for good like going out with friends as often as you use to, your work Schedule my change, doing things at the drop of a dime will definitely not happen anymore. Most things need to be thought about and planned when children are involved. Never expect your friends and companions that don’t have kids to understand what its like to be in your shoes.   There is always going to be that one friend or family member that will have so much to say and have no idea what its like to be a parent and its very annoying but I guess they just want to help. While on the inside your screaming for them to shut their yap so you wont strangle them Lol. Yea so being a parent isn’t what you thought it would be like but it does teach you so many lessons and things you never pictured yourself doing would amaze you! You will have your patience tested day after day, you will realize your stronger, a problem solver, a builder. I know you didn’t think you had all that in you before you became a parent. Becoming a parent isn’t a horrible thing at all,  just make sure you are in a good space in your life and you are ready to give it your all and everything will be fine.