Copenhagen,Denmark I Need to Visit (the danes)

One day on Oprah the show was about the happiest places on earth and Denmark caught my eye and I haven’t forgotten about it since. Its said that Denmark is filled with happiness and
Life. So health care is free and so is education, when woman become pregnant they have up to 1year of maternity leave. There streets are also lined with cafes and they also leave babies outside in their strollers and no one bothers them. If you was to lose your job the government pays you for up to 4 years while you look for another job, that’s why homelessness and poverty is very low. They have jobs doing what they love not how much money you can make. The downside is that the taxes are very high but the ppl of Denmark don’t mind. This place sounds pretty cool to me.

If anyone knows more about Denmark and would like to share pls feel free.

“Less things more life, happiness and health” that’s what matters there.

I would suggest that people get out and travel and see the world!