It’s natural to want to share certain things with people especially exciting news but we must learn to hold it in for a while. You ever noticed once you shared good news to people something goes wrong??? Well if you have it’s do to negative energy. Like it or not Not everyone will  be happy to hear about your happiness! So once in a while keep things to yourself  until everything is in order. 


Wide awake…Im off today…feels like an ice cream day

Signing Off




When?? Where???….I Need a Sign!!!!!!!!

You ever wonder why your placed on this earth? Whats my purpose??? Well I do all the time! I know im talented in many  ways but where can I fit in with my skills and how do I find this place where I should be. All I want is a career where I love what I do and its never feels like im working. I want to love every minute of it and never have the “mondayblues”. I want to travel the world doing what I love and showing others and have them amazed by my talents. But can I get a sign as to where I should start, which way I should go Please Lol.

I’m sure others can relate and if you’ve been thru this tell me how did you find your calling or what lead you down the path???

XoXo agirlsvoice

My Open Diary *Entry 2

I live for Spontaneous moments in life, its like a rush that I cant get enough of !!!  So I got a text message saying let’s go for breakfast so of course I went and it was great. Afterwards we ending up at a park and it was so nice we walking and talked, Skip stones, laughed, told stories, discussed our past. I mean it went really well and I’m looking forward to the next time as usual. I just keep saying to myself   “Don’t Pinch Me Yet I’m Not Ready To Wake Up From This Dream”

The Uncharted Mysterious “Edgewater Park”

A friend of mine and I we’re driving around last night looking for an address that we couldn’t find so we’re just going around in circle and circles until we stumbled upon a little community near the water called “Edgewater Park”. As soon as we started to drive into the blocks we knew it was not like any of the blocks we just came from and it was kind of scary. It was so many tiny houses and cats everywhere and the streets was so small only one car could fit at a time and it was a VERY tight squeeze. We got lost in there for like 25 mins until we turned on the navigation but that still didn’t work cause it kept taking us in circles, finally we just took a road we didn’t try yet and found our way out WHEW!!!!! It was such a relief it really felt like the twilight zone, I honestly thought we would get stuck there with no way out and in my head I already planned and escape route by foot LOL but we made it Thank God

SO I Google the little water front community and I found this map so you can get an idea of the tiny mysterious maze looks like.

End of Days for Craigslist

So I was looking around on Craigslist just to see what kind of part-time jobs are out there and I came across a few and sent my resume and of course I got a reply it turned out to be  scam Smh. Craigslist has really gone to the dogs and its very sad because it use to be a very helpful site for jobs, Apts and buying things. Now you have to be very careful cause you never know what kind of SICKO is behind these posts! The reply I got from the job posting was an email telling me he’s out of the country and that he needs all my info to ship me keys and money to start working while he’s gone (o_O) Errrrr, This person must be crazy if he thinks I would ever send him anything. Some people are gullible though so I’m just warning people to be aware and don’t trust so easily when it comes to the internet!!! 

Question???? Please HELP!!!

I need to know how I can add other tabs to my blog so far I only have ( HOME, ABOUT….)  Where do I go and what do I do I’m totally Lost Please HELP ME anyone everyone.

Thank You

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