Question???? Please HELP!!!

I need to know how I can add other tabs to my blog so far I only have ( HOME, ABOUT….)  Where do I go and what do I do I’m totally Lost Please HELP ME anyone everyone.

Thank You


6 responses to “Question???? Please HELP!!!

  1. i hope that this is not late but i still don’t see except home and about so here what to do :
    .. actually ur problem is just with name .. those -home, about- are not tabs they are pages on ur dashboard there is “pages” click on it .. then click on add new .. then after u name it and write something u can change its properties from “all pages”.
    and if it didn’t work ..just tell me !

    • Lol You noticed right. It wont show any changes. I think the theme i’m using wont allow me to add anymore. Because i switch it a few times and then it showed me the pages i did add so i figured it has something to do with the theme. If you have any more advice please feel free.

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