Life’s Lessons & Quotes

"If you let someone into your life that you didn't plan 
on meeting...means a lot!  Don't you think?? There are 
no surprises and coincides in life...the path has already 
been placed into existence. Whether you act on it is the 
true test. The Heart  Doesn't lead you into the wrong 
direction it helps you detect the route in which you are 
destined to find. The Heart never lies but the mind does and 
the sooner  you realize that the easier life will become not 
only in love but in every aspect  of you life, like your 
career choices.At some point in life you will have to let  
go and start living or what's the point in having live if 
you're not living it to the  fullest.The Point is don't waste 
life living a Lie and chasing meaningless desires. Just because 
your current situation works Doesn't mean its Working! At  
the end of the day you know where you want to be...Who has 
your heart? know  where you want to know what
 kind of car you want to drive...Its not  rocket science!
 Open Your Eyes" -CFM

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life 
of your dreams." - Oprah

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