Lost & Found…Miracles Do Happen

May made a year since I found my father after 19 years! For years I wondered where he was why he left and when I would find him. Years went  by and I started to work at the same place my mother and father met and people would ask me about my father and I had no answers for them. So again I began to search and I discovered he had a wife, I continued my search for this lady in the white pages and I found out more about her whereabouts. When I found her info on the computer I saw she had a Facebook so nervously I wrote her a message about who I am and I believe her husband is my father. After I sent her the message it had been 2 days and no reply so I figured maybe I got the wrong person but May 31st she replied and changed my life. So she began to express how she always heard about me from my father and how he looked but couldn’t locate me and that he was in jail for 11 years for an unfortunate misunderstanding. Right away she gave me his address to write him and I did so fast, I had no reason to wait so I mailed that letter off. I also found out that I have several brothers, sisters and im so excited to meet them soon. Days later I get a phone call from my Dad it was so nerve wrecking but amazing. We talked on the phone several times and its like we never lost touch,we are so much alike that its scary. He informed me that he will be getting out the summer of 2011 and that made me so happy. I’m looking forward to meeting my father and everyone else later on this year.

If anyone else out there is looking for a loved one whether it’s a mother, father, sister etc… Don’t give up they may still be some where looking for you but can’t find you. I’m here to help anyone that cant do it on their own don’t be afraid just go for it cause your never know unless you try.

XoXo Agirl


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