What Happen To Love Letter Love

Ladies remember when love was so innocent, pure, romantic and true??? Now it seems like all that has gone out the window. Guys are not the same anymore its like mining for gold in a pound and you get a pan full of crap. I know there are good guys out there but where are they cause they are missed. Why do men try to show off to impress woman when?? all they really have to do is show they care. I can’t speak for all the ladies out there but who wouldn’t want a guy to cook dinner at home and eat surrounded by candle lights and some music. It’s not all about money if your really looking for a true relationship. But now a days you meet these guys that want to just show off and its all about a sexual relationship and I know plenty of woman think like wow that’s it, anyway that may be what you want at the moment but everyone wants to be in love and find that good guy one day whether you admit it or not. There are some people men and woman who go searching for mr/ms right all the time at clubs and bars or where ever they go but its hopeless. Sometimes when you let your guard down and have patience love comes to you.

xoxo Agirl


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